Friday, May 3, 2013

Tomorrow Eve

When I was a little kid I would take naps in the afternoons. As I would wake up, with sleep still in my eyes, I would walk into whatever room my parents were at, having no idea how long I had slept. And since the sunsets were often as bright as the sunrises, I would have a tough time telling if it was evening or morning, the next day. 

I would ask my parents, "Is today tomorrow?" 

I would ask my parents this every time. It's still a phrase that comes to mind when I get really excited about things coming up the next day. 

Today was a long day, in fact this week was a wonderfully long week. After all my meetings were over and the laptop closed for the weekend, for a brief moment this afternoon I closed my eyes. I'm not really a napper as an adult, but when I opened them, I found myself asking myself "is today tomorrow?" 

I've got good reason to look forward to tomorrow, as I get to spend the day with a handsome fella. Tomorrow will soon become today. I'm off to bed, hoping that when I wake it will be tomorrow. The odds are pretty good. And soon today will become yesterday. 

Did I mention it was a long day? 


Teri said...

So sweet. Love that Pooh clip. Have a great day tomorrow!

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