Thursday, February 5, 2009

What I did, What I want to do, and How I feel

Someone asked me today if I keep a journal, to which I replied yes, many. I have many, many journals with many, many blank pages in them. I love journals- esp new journals that open flat, both with or without lines, and I especially am fond of starting new journals for new seasons in my life... the challenge I find is that once a 'season' is no longer new I don't find my thrills in 'journaling'. I realized that when I journal I am quick to jot down what I am doing, have done or want to do and often miss out on reflecting on how I feel about those things. Interesting to me- so here's a list of what 

I have done today AND how I felt about it:
*Woke up- thankful
*made breakfast- delighted and full
*Dropped my friend off at school- a little anxious since we were running late but happy that I had a rental car that allowed me to take her
*Navigated my way from PSU to panera bread- Accomplished (even though I was using a GPS) I felt good about navigating my way through all the one way streets in downtown portland back
*Multi-tasked (coffee at panera bread and phone call with bob)- happy and helped
*Meeting with a counseler- excited (i really like her)
*Decided not to use the GPS to pick up mary- risky
*Got lost on my way to pick mary back up from school- relaxed (even though i didn't use the GPS, I eventually found my way and enjoyed looking at the cool houses here in portland)
*parallel parking on Hawthorne- at first nervous, then..what's the feeling for 'bouya'
*Bought a book at Powell Books and using wifi in the cafe here- contemplative

Well, considering it's only 2pm, that's not too bad :) It's interesting realizing that I can spend a lot of time 'reflecting' on things i do or don't and not really consider what's going on inside of me when i do or don't do them...

anyways- tonight I am going to go to see tyrone wells (w/ raining jane and keaton simons) and i am feeling pretty delighted...


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