Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Questionnaire

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What was the best gift you gave? 
I never know what to give my dad. He never wants anything. He doesn't enjoy unwrapping gifts. He usually doesn't express liking anything we do give him, though he may. But, he's the kind of guy who always has a spot for everything...and he's into kitchy things. So I found a wood carving at Cost Plus World Market of a nose/mouth and you rest your eyeglasses on top to complete the face. I thought it was hilarious. He did too. Bullseye. 

What was the best gift you received?
No one in my family is really good at creating a gift experience. This year especially. Don't get me wrong, they are amazingly generous, just not in the 'get a gift box, make it pretty, and put a bow on it' kind of gift givers. Over the past few years my parent's have been giving us socks and cash. My brother has loved it. I would love it too if it also came with a handmade card or something like that. I'd like to say it's some cultural thing, but I don't think it is. So, I didn't technically open any gifts on Christmas, though my brother promises to mail me something from New York, my mom said she'd buy me a tripod (meaning I get to pick it out and up), and my dad will likely palm me some cash before I return home. All that being said, my best gift has been our time together. Seriously, no fights. No guilt. Just really good memories. 

What did your mother-in-law or sibling give you?
Like I said, my brother gave me a verbal promissory note that a gift will be on it's way in January. I love the kid, but I'm not holding my breath. In all honesty, I'd take a handmade coupon to "hangout at the park together for a day' over any NYC pashmina any day. I'd redeem that coupon, asap, too, while it's beautiful outside.

What was a meaningful spiritual memory from Christmas 2010?
I love singing Christmas carols, especially ones with rich lyrics and meaning. I usually switch my radio station in my car to the holiday station beginning the day after Thanksgiving through New Years Day. For some reason, this year, I didn't. Since I've been home, I've been celebrating Advent and Christmas with the local Lebanese parish. I'm sure we sang some Christmas themed hymns, but since everything was in Arabic, I can't be sure. That being said, a meaningful spiritual memory this year, was a moment during mass the week before Christmas, when there was a moment of silence. Just enough silence to be still, be thankful and realize God's work and presence in my family's life.

Best Christmas movie you watched this year?
Besides Stalag 17, the only other Christmas movie I watched this Christmas was Scrooged. 

What was the most stressful memory from Christmas 2010?
The most stressful moment was getting a voicemail from one of my best friends. Her dad had a stroke and was in the hospital. In the moment from hearing the message and calling her back, I prayed for a miracle. She was on her way to the hospital and didn't know much. As stressful as it was waiting to hear from her, not having a car to be there with her, not being able to do anything but wait and pray...I knew it didn't compare to what she was feeling. I prayed. I waited for her phone call. For years, my friend and I have anticipated this (something happening to one of our parents) as being one of the scariest things we could experience. It was. Less than an hour later, I got the call. He did suffer a stroke, but it was as mild as could be and did not suffer any damage as a result. Thank you, God.

Best Christmas baking?
Last week my cousin, Desi, and I made Walnut Fudge for the first time ever! It was a fun baking together. Along with that we made oatmeal raisin cookies and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies too.

PS- With the exception of my friend's dad's scare, I've never had a more relaxing Christmas overall. I love that the holidays kicked off with my family visiting me in California. I've had some really great conversations with my brother, mom and dad. I'm shocked there hasn't been any blowout arguments, seriously, best gift ever! I've spent some good time with friends and excited too see more this week. I'm thankful for the amazing InterVarsity support team I've got, including a few new supporters God's raised up this month! I've loved blogging and taking photos this season. And, I just heard that there's the possibility of snow at Red Rocks on Thursday. I'm never in town for falling snow! Oh, let it be so.

How about you? How was your Christmas celebration?


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