Thursday, February 24, 2011

The other Gibson.

It's not the first time I've gone to a concert alone, though, the last time was a little more comedic, in a 'i just tripped and fell on my face' kind of way. This time around was different. A little more refreshing.

I just got back from hearing Laura Gibson and Rocky Votoloto play at the Neighborhood Thrift cafe. 

I pulled up to see the line was wrapped around the building, and was full of plaid shirts, mustaches, skinny jeans and hipster girlfriends with little pugs (ok, just one). 

I parked, walked up, took my place in line....and began to feel a little old. 

In front of me, a group of five kids, who all seemed to be sharing the same cigarette, talked about how 'f-ing messed up' something was. All I could do was stare at the pug in her arms and smile.

Behind me was a girl with blunt, straight across bangs. I admired her bangs and noticed she wasn't making eye contact with the group in front of her or behind her... she was there ALONE! I began to wonder how I could make her my new line friend, thus turning her into my new Laura Gibson/Rocky Votoloto show friend. 

I glanced a couple times. No luck. 

I smiled. Nothing. 

I considered the line 'are you here alone?' and wondered if that would be a little creepy? Not a second later, I saw flailing arms in front of me. Her friends had found her and all of my conspiring came to an end.

The doors opened. We went in.

I liked the venue, a medium-sized, warehouse-esque cafe. I took a seat in the back, knowing my desire was to play it chill and just enjoy the music. No need in me to be in the 'front row', which in this setting meant just standing 7 inches away from the singer at eye level. Fine when you're 16, for everyone else...awkward.

The show began.

I have been listening to Laura Gibson's music for over a year. Her voice is very delicate, and even when she was doing a sound check, before she began to play, the whole place quieted down to listen.

Then it happened. 

During her set, my new friends showed up! Yes, dear reader, I have new friends in Fresno! Take a moment to let this sink in. 

Don't get me wrong, these aren't my only Fresno friends, but they are new friends I'm enjoying getting to know! We met around a month ago and they are yo pro's. (A term I got from Tina). 

There are a couple reasons why this photo is so lovely to me.

First of all, it's a photo with Laura Gibson. She's the tall one next to me. Second, I would never have taken a photo with her, but things like that are easier to do in the company of friends. 

The rest of the evening was filled with great music, great company, and a couple of great photos. 

By the end of the night, I no longer felt old or preppy or alone. 

I just felt really happy.


Noemi said...

Beautiful! : )

Teri said...

That sounds like such a perfect night.
Now I have to find some of her music.
And toss around my new word yopro. Though I'm guessing I won't have much context for it unless I go to a similar concert or a sushi bar sometime soon. :)

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