Saturday, September 22, 2012

DC by the numbers.

4,164 miles round-trip.
6 days.
4 of us together again.
1 electric performance.
9 cab rides. 1 amazing cabbie
1 crazy cabbie (who drove on the sidewalk at one point). 
1 tour of the US Capitol, guided. 
1 tour of the White House, self-guided.
0 sightings of the President or First Lady.
1 erie visit to George Washington's Masonic Memorial Museum in Alexandria.  
1 evening drive to see the National Monuments lit up at night. 
2 Museum visits (American History and Air and Space). 
1 mother's unintentional quest to find the best crab cakes. 
Winner: Hank's had the best crab cakes, Capital Grille had the best accompanying corn salsa.
1 hotel suite with 1 king size bed, living room with 1 sofa couch, and one glorious door that divided the two.
0 fights, arguments or blow outs. (1 tiff about politics, but we're in DC, after all. That's to be expected.)
804 photographs. 
1 official goodbye. 2 unofficial ones. (The return of the falafel and a quick stop to give Adel hugs this morning on our way to the airport.)
3 flights home. 2 to Vegas. 1 to Fresno.
2 tight hugs before departing ways. 
13 hours later, home with 1 full heart.  

Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial Snack Shop, clearly.
White House, North Side.
White House, South Side.

Pretending to be a dignitary in front of the White House.

Graffiti wall at the play...what's your "Wrestler Persona"... my dad's?
Falafel-baba (baba=daddy in Arabic) 

Such beautiful neighborhoods!

Where he gets his swag.


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