Thursday, May 2, 2013

Counting to ten

This may come as a surprise, but did you know that I'm an extrovert (energized by people)? Yup...big revelations happening here, friends! 

Not only that, but I'm also the external processing kind. I've been fairly self-aware of my extro-external disposition, but never more so since I've found myself in a lovely relationship with a handsome fella of the intro-internal perspective, a patient listener who asks thoughtful questions, I might add! =) (hi, babe!) 

Well, last week, I came across an article on Psychology Today providing an 'Intimate Peek into Introverts' Brains'. How could I NOT click. 

One piece of advice that stood out to me was for extroverts to employ the "three-second rule" in which you count to 3 (silently) to let the other person finish their thought. I appreciate their mentioning the silent part, because I just imagined me counting to three in the style of The Count and can see how that could cause a bit of a distraction. 

This week I also got the results of an assessment I was given as part of a leadership training on Emotional Intelligence. As part of my assessment, three growth activities were given to help build on my strengths and not so strengths. 

Specifically, paying attention to when I do not hold back when I know my actions and/or words will not help the situation.

Do they not realize that I'm Middle-Eastern? Not holding back is our love language. 

The growth activity suggested: Count to ten. 
Give your internal world a chance to simmer down, now. (My interpretation.) 

As I continued to debrief the EIQ with the trainer, he invited me to commit to try 'counting to ten' over then next few months. 

Though, he didn't specify silent or not. 

Yes, I think I can do that! 



Teri said...

Good stuff. Hmmm. Maybe I should try to count more in my head. I have a terrible interrupting problem, ask my introvert hubby.
Love: "give your internal world a chance to simmer down, now." And, "Not holding back is our love language."

Rob said...

Counting to 10 for Layla = accessing the Japanese side of things!

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